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President-Jim Relph 308.340.4310
Vice President-Tim Redden 308.737.9673
Treasurer-Marilyn Anderson 308.350.0438
Safety Director-Richard Goss 308.340.9127
Secretary-Tammie Marts 308.340.0960

Heritage Antique Tractor Club
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Current Club Meeting Minutes:
** Club will take a break in December, there will be no meeting or Christmas party **

The Heritage Antique Tractor Club met at Pizza Hut on November 23rd 2021 for our monthly meeting.
President Bob Golding welcomed everyone to the meeting and opened the meeting with flag salute along with members of the club.

Tammie Marts secretary read the minutes from the last meeting the only correction was that the club paid Pizza Hut $ 50.00 not $ 100.00. Minutes stood as read.

Bob Golding gave the treasurer's report for Greg Wolfe. The club's balance is $4,689.00.
Bob also asked if anyone had any stories or projects they wanted to talk about.

The Club then nominated new officers for the 2022 year.
President- Jim Relph
Vice President- Tim Redden
Secretary- Tammie Marts
Treasurer- Marilyn Anderson
Safety- Rich Goss

Bob Golding handed out the calendars.
Closing Prayer was led by Audra Krisher. Meeting was adjourned.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday with family and friends and be safe and will see you all next year and God Bless you all.

Respectfully Tammie Marts Tractor Club Secretary.
New officers for 2022:
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